Become Part of the Team!

The vision of ROAR is to build a place of rest and renewal for God's people while not incurring any debt to the world.

You can be part of the team that gets this vision off the ground!

The following are some of the areas of current need.

  1. Well drilling (or equipment)
  2. Road/Driveway preparation (or the loan of equipment with a blade and a backhoe)
  3. Foundation/Basement digging (or the loan of appropriate equipment)
  4. CMU's (Concrete -or 'Cinder' Block)
  5. 8-10" diameter logs (1200 linear feet)
  6. 10-12" diameter logs (roughly 300 linear feet, preferably in 10, 15, or 20 foot lengths)

Your donations of the following equipment is greatly appreciated, as well:

  1. Cement Mixer
  2. Farm Tractor (any plows, tillers, etc are also welcomed)

In the longer view, the following will be needed:

  1. Survey of property

Thank you for your help!

No longer needed!

We have received the following equipment or use of equipment:

  1. Air Compressor
  2. Nail Guns - both framing and finish

Thank you very much!

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